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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Little Corner of the World - A Favorite Place

I know I need to post a new recipe soon. We've been eating some good dinners, but not really the kind I want to pull out the camera for. Last night it was some arm roast. Tough meat made good by a slow-cooker, soy sauce, and beef bouillon. But for now, because fall is here and I'm enjoying its arrival, I want to write about a favorite place of mine.

I like to refer to it as the grove. It's really just a couple rows of trees with a pathway inbetween. I went and visited it today and lamented the falling leaves all around me. It's only sad because once they are all gone, my special place becomes less secluded and colorful. Besides that, it really is wonderful to experience a gentle fall breeze that sends leaves whirling around you. Very magical.

I'm not sure what the original purpose was in planting these trees so far away from the house, but it does afford some peace and quiet (not that I get that often when walking out there with the kids). Usually when that happens I walk through and think about how nice it would if I were alone.

I wish the picture I took gave it justice. It is such a pretty place when the sun is shining, and you can see its rays peeking through the leaves up high. There's also marjoram that has found a home all along the sides on the ground. I always appreciate how wonderful and soothing it smells. Before we had a dog, there were a lot more deer that went through the property. I assume they would bed down in there because we could see large places where the marjoram had been flattened down.

So, I like to go walking through this place when there is time. If only I could slow my thoughts down more and listen to the One who speaks thoughts of truth and peace into my life. I would need a much longer path to walk or a bench to sit down on and really spend some time to let the clutter in my mind and heart fall away and experience a stillness that doesn't come easily.

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