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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ten Things I Really Like and Don't Like

Why I'm posting this I have no idea. Everyone has a list so I thought I would create one. I'm too tired and brain challenged to complete a list of 100 whatever, so I made lists of ten. That's do-able for me today. My lists may change next year, next month, or perhaps an hour from now. Right now though this is how I feel. So, if you're interested...

Ten Things I Really Like:
1. The first warm spring day.
2. Christmas morning with the kids.
3. Great gluten-free recipes that require no tweaking.
4. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
5. Sincere people.
6. An empty laundry basket.
7. Two sleeping children at 7:30 each night.
8. Doing a craft or something meaningful with my oldest boy.
9. Books
10. Waking up rested and refreshed (I have vague recollections of what this used to be like.)

Ten Things I Really Don't Like
1. The tornado that goes through my house and hits full speed around 5:00 p.m. every night.
2. How I waste my time like writing useless lists.
3. The crude actions of some people.
4. Reading acronyms that stand for foul language (especially in blogs - come on, people!!)
5. Rushing somewhere and all the anxiety it creates.
6. Holding grudges.
7. Not having enough energy.
8. Celiac Disease
9. The aging process.
10. The dirty dishes that cooking creates.

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Anonymous said...

Great lists! I am a list lover. :)