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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nathan's Corner - Healthy Pancakes

Here is another of my "Nathan's Corner" posts where I will feature kid food (and adult food!) that Nathan, my son has enjoyed or helped me make. Nathan is Celiac and I try my best to keep him excited about food and what we can make gluten free. I hope your little ones will enjoy these recipes too!

I do the majority of the cooking in the house and have been the one to try and find new, gluten-free recipes for us to enjoy. However, the one who actually makes food fun for Nathan would be his dad. His specialty is making the food look great on the plate and coming up with new and interesting combinations. Here's one of Nathan's favorites and directions for making it:

Dear Celiac friends,
I have a great pancake recipe for you to try. It's real good and healthy too! You start with pancakes and put on some peanut butter. Then you slice a half a banana on top and then pour some molasses on. I think you'll like it and you'll want to use a pizza cutter to make it small for you.

So, what pancake combinations are your favorites?

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