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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Costco Hot Dogs - What's Up?

I read recently that Costco hot dogs that have been sold in the food court have been changed to a brand that contains wheat. I haven't confirmed this with the company yet. I just sent them an email to let them know I am saddened to hear about this change since it is a highlight for Nathan to get a hot dog (without the bun, of course). I'll keep you posted as soon as I receive a reply from them.


Anonymous said...

Check out this webpage, it states it's 100% beef with no fillers, etc. I'm still curious whether it contains nitrates or nitrites.


Debbie said...

I must be missing something because I don't see it on this link, Cindy. I'm not sure when that was published either. I think they've replaced the regular Sinai dogs with a new variety. It's been a very recent event. I also read that employees are being very upfront and careful to let those who are ordering it without a bun to know about the change. I'm still waiting for a reply, but Costco did say they're "passing my comment on".
Thanks for the comment,

Anonymous said...

This is the Costco Connection they sent out in March, I noticed the hotdog information when I was browsing through it in my mail. On the link hit the next page arrow twice and it's under the New Dog In Town article, second to last paragraph.


Resa said...

Hello - I found this blog while searching for info on whether or not the new Costco dogs had gluten. Something set me off recently, and since I eat only Very Low Carb/No Carb (meat, cheese, low carb veggies, cream with my coffee) there aren't many possible culprits.

We've called our local store, and the food court doesn't think so. But I'm no so sure.

Please let us know what you find out.

Thank you!
- Resa

Debbie said...

I'll try to post tonight because I said I was going to follow up on this. My local Costco no longer sells the same hot dogs and they do have either wheat or a gluten flavoring in them. Hope that helps!! The folks in the food court should have known about this as Costco is pretty on the ball with making sure people knew when they ordered a hot dog without the bun (as any Celiac would:))

tacomamama said...

I just checked with Costco's corporate office, they confirmed for me that Kirkland Signature hot dogs (which should be the same dogs in your food court.) are gluten free. The customer service rep read out the ingredients list and it's actually pretty pristine. She is a member of a celiac forum and seemed to know what she was talking about. This is a relief for me as costco dogs tend to show up at friends' barbecues.