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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fish and Teeth

I love being a mom to boys. Sure, I would take a girl too. However, I've learned many new things about the world of testosterone. For instance, I can tell the difference between a backhoe and an excavator. I also know how to identify a Deinonychus or Brachiasaurus dinosaur should one ever come stomping across the field. I've also learned that boys are little men wanting to find their place in the world of guns, knives, and fire. Being a mom of boys requires me to overlook what might seem a scary situation. I remember the day Nathan quickly opened the kitchen door and asked in an out-of-breath fashion,

"Mom, where's Dad?"

"I don't know"

"I need to find him. I'm going to shoot and kill him."

"Why would you shoot your dad?"

"So I can marry you!"

"Can't we all be married? That way you don't have to shoot your dad."

"Oh, okay. I'll go shoot something else."

Okay, I know some of you are alarmed at this exchange my boy and I had. I'm not, however. He still claims he is going to marry me and I'm still charmed by it. (If he continues to say that when he hits puberty then I'll call the psychologist). Still, his dad asks with a chuckle, "Why do I always have to die in his little scenarios?"

This past week was a fun one. Our church had a campout over the weekend. I'm sure we'll go next year, but it didn't work out for this one. Victor still was able to take Nathan to the fishing derby held on Saturday morning there. Nathan caught one of the few fish that were biting then.

Is this a cute boy, or what?

He also noticed a loose tooth on the bottom rack for about a week. While he was eating his lunch at summer school it fell out. He actually spit it out on the grass because he thought it was "a nut that wouldn't chew". I quickly fished it out of the grass. After all, it is his first one. He's rather proud of that hole in his mouth. I've noticed he spits on me more now while he's talking...

...and, he's always talking.

What moments do you especially remember in the lives of your kids?



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