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Saturday, August 16, 2008

From My Little Corner of the World: I’m Sending my 5 year old Celiac kid off to Kindergarten…

Time flies, doesn’t it?

I’ve known that my kids are going to grow up, but I didn’t really face that fact with my heart, only my head. I also didn’t know how much my heart could hurt for them.

In one short month, Nathan is going to be in Kindergarten. Just thinking about it causes my stomach to flip flop. He is such a busy kid. I hope he doesn’t try to wrestle in the classroom. I hope he doesn’t want non-stop attention from the teacher. I hope he can make it through the year without consuming gluten and having an accident in his pants.

If there is one thing I could do for him it would be to have the diagnosis of Celiac instead of him. A friend of mine recently commented (she was trying to sympathize with me) about how hard this has been for me to make all of these changes for him. While I do get discouraged with the whole gluten free baking/disappointment thing, I never really think about how hard my life is. I think about him and how in the world he handles seeing other kids eat things he can’t have. I think about him being different – and I don’t want it to be that way. I want it to all go away. But it’s not.

On the brighter side, his little country school has only 90 students total and they happen to already have a Celiac kid! Now that’s amazing – at least considering how few people are actually diagnosed. I received word back from the principal that his teacher would meet with me before the year starts to discuss what he needs. So far, so good… I’m really encouraged. Trying to explain Celiac disease to someone who has no knowledge base for it is difficult. On the surface they understand, but it takes much longer and more discussions for them to really get it.

I pray that we can navigate all of the Kindergarten things like parties and crafts and the lunchroom. It seems so overwhelming at times but I’m his mom and I gladly go through all of this for him. I pray for wisdom to walk that fine line of needing to teach him gluten is toxic to his body but also that life is more than what you can eat or can’t eat.

Being thankful helps. I’m thankful Lord that my son has a bright mind and can say “I love you.” I’m thankful that we really do have a plethora of food to choose from and the income to buy such food. I’m thankful that you put me in a position in life to become knowledgeable about this and be his advocate. I’m thankful that your Holy Spirit can help his heart in ways I can’t reach. I’m thankful that I can still pray for his healing and yet rest assured that if it doesn’t happen you haven’t made a mistake.

So, I’ll try to remember to be thankful.

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