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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nathan's Corner - Turkey Wraps

Here is the first of my "Nathan's Corner" posts where I will feature kid food (and adult food!) that Nathan, my son has enjoyed or helped me make. Nathan is Celiac and I try my best to keep him excited about food and what we can make gluten free. I hope your little ones will enjoy these recipes too!

Nathan recently was watching a kid's show where they made a turkey wrap. He wanted it "exactly like the picture". That worked for me, because they plunked down a huge piece of green leaf and tomato all over it also. I knew that I needed to make the wrap recipe at Kate Chan's Gobsmacked again for this craving of his. I let him assemble his ingredients on it and he gobbled it down. That's worth any work involved in making it! Before he began eating it though, Daddy walked in and started making one too. He decided his would be made even better by adding olives and pickles. Well, you know what happened next -
Just add a couple of sword toothpicks for a fun meal.

Here's what Nathan has to say:
Dear Kids who are Celiac,
I have a very tasty snack to tell you about and it's called "Turkey Wraps". It tastes wonderful and it's healthy for you too because it's all gluten-free. It was easy to put together. Just "stick" a tortilla, "sprinkle" some mayo on it with cheese, turkey, lettuce and tomato. I like putting the pointy stick (toothpicks) in it to hold it together.

Some of my thoughts on making these wraps:

I think Kate Chan of Gobsmacked is a creative genius. I'm glad she's done all this work before her little one arrives. We probably won't get much out of her for at least a few months! I've looked at the picture of her wraps and thought about how good they look. I took the time to read the recipe through and make them finally. Wow! I think this is as close as you can get to a wrap or tortilla. These things really are pliable and delish! I've also found a way to spread them out that works better for me. I have a 12 inch diameter teflon mat to cook on that is about as anti-stick as you can get. I spoon some on it (about 1/2 cup). I pull out some plastic wrap that will be big enough to cover my tortilla/wrap and spray it with cooking spray. I lay that on the "blob" of dough, sprayed side down. I then mash it out little by little (with my hands over the plastic wrap) until I have a round coating of dough on my teflon mat as thin as possible. You don't want to cook these too long. I pull off the piece of plastic and then bake them for about 7 minutes or so. You'll want to monitor them closely. I've made the plain and sun-dried tomato ones listed on her site. I like them both, but the tomato ones are more pliable the next day than the plain. These actually roll up and don't crack, but they are best fresh!
Turkey Wrap Recipe:
One gluten free wrap/tortilla
Mayonnaise to spread
Gluten free turkey lunchmeat
Green leaf lettuce
Sliced tomato
Shredded cheese
Roll up your wrap starting at one end until completely rolled. These are easier to eat when sliced in the middle. Slice it on a diagonal for a better look.


Kate said...

Hooray! Warp success all around! I know Cindy (who wrote the first wrap recipe) is a genius! i just putter in the kitchen.

And I hope I'm still cooking when the little one comes home - I think I just may have to set some time aside for posting! LOL

I'm glad Nathan enjoyed his wrap sandwich. Please let him know that his toothpick idea has inspired me for my next bento wrap-sandwich. I see a pirate theme in my future... LOL


Carrie said...

JUST TOO CUTE!!! Way to go Nathan!! What a wonderful way to include your children in your blog Debbie! I LOVE it!! Tell Nathan I can't WAIT to try his turkey wraps!!

The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

I love this idea! Nathan looks
very healthy. Keep up the good work.

Debbie said...

Thanks gals! Nathan is my inspiration. He loves doing this, and I hope to instill a love for cooking in him. He'll need it or will have to move to a big city where there's lots of convenience GF items:) Hopefully by then there will be an enzyme to help or more choices out there. I'm hopeful!