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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to "Perfect"

My son, Joshua had Kawasaki Disease several weeks ago. Check out the post Kawasaki Disease for the story if you don't know about it. Yesterday he had his second echocardiograph and his heart is back to normal which means Joshua is now even more perfect than before (except for his screeching)! That was an answer to prayer! I used to take my kids to a family doctor and made the decision to take them to a pediatrician (an awesome one I might add). If you have been considering whether to stay with your family doctor or change so your kids can have a pediatrician - make the change!! I have been so glad I did. Pediatricians are generally better because they work with kids, know kids and all the strange diseases and ailments that are peculiar to them.

We went to the Children's Hospital in Portland yesterday for the echocardiograph. What an awesome facility! Let me tell you, if you are down and out and disgruntled about this or that, then just visit a children's hospital for awhile. You will see children in wheelchairs, unable to communicate their needs. You will see children with ballcaps on and noticeably short hair or no hair underneath. It's a big dose of reality to see what some people are dealing with in their lives. There are also angels there, you know. I saw a senior couple who were probably in their mid to late sixties. I do not know whether they were a foster family, respite care, taking care of their grandchild or what the situation was. The boy in the stroller they were taking care of was so malformed. They loved on him and showered him with attention, human touch, and kindness. Many people in their lives receive awards for this or that. I don't know if these folks have ever received one, but I do know that what they do is far beyond what any medal can commendate for.

Let us be thankful!


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The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

great thanks and praise to the Lord for healing Joshua!