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Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Your Dogs!

Okay, just got a comment on a previous post about the Costco hot dogs. So...once again I am writing about them. I just called the Costco Corporate Office and I was told that their Kirkland Signature Hot Dogs which the representative said are sold in all food courts ARE gluten free. I know that the last time Nathan and I checked at our local Costco, I was told by a food court employee that they were not. I know I looked at the list of ingredients at that time and the only thing it could have been hidden under was the "spices" listing. So...did they have a different dog between the Sinai brand and this one or did they change the ingredients in their Kirkland Dogs? Anyone else care to chime in? I'd love to be able to eat a hot dog there with my boys when we go.


Simply...Gluten-free said...

hmmm, love to know when you get a difinative answer. I do know that COstco has been carrying a lot more gf products for which I am very grateful!

Debbie said...

I guess the definitive answer is that they are gluten free. Still...I will check the ingredient list and with a food court employee when we go. I like Costco also - they are gf friendly and that counts for a lot. I can't stand it when I inquire about whether gluten is in something and get a blank stare or the feeling I'm bothering someone.