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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Product Review: Glutino Crackers and Pretzels

We are on a bit of a budget around here since I am no longer teaching but staying home with my two boys. I can't say that I would buy gluten free bread in the store since it is far inferior to what I can make at home (and some days that's not saying much lol!).

However, convenience items and snack items are something I would buy a bit more of if I had the choice. A couple of times a month, the boys and I head down to the library in Eugene and to do some shopping. That is about 40 minutes away from us out here in the country, but well worth it. The library has an online catalog (which I love) and a FABULOUS children's section. No need to whisper there! It's full of puppets, an outdoor area for eating, and family restrooms. Need I say more?

While we are down that way we visit Capella Market which has a fairly good choice for gluten free items. They also host gluten free product sampling days and just recently had a gluten-free BBQ -woohoo! Products are also labeled with a blue dot if they are gluten free. That catches my eye far more easily than "Gluten Free" spelled out. I only have so many brain cells that can contribute to reading labels when Nathan and Joshua are with me and looking for a blue dot is something I am capable at this stage in my life. So, a couple of times a month we buy a few gluten free snack items and perhaps something new to try. If I can make it out of there for under $30.00 I have done well.

I was a bit appalled the first time I saw the Glutino Crackers. Not that they were ugly or unappealing, but rather the sticker-shock of paying $5.00 + for a box of crackers. I must say though they are really wonderful if you have not tried them. My only complaint is that there are not a whole lot in the box. I dole these out far and few in between or save them for when we are dining in the presence of gluten eaters. Those crackers and chicken salad are a great match!

I don't have to be so stingy with Glutino's family size package of pretzels. My son loves them and it is awesome to provide him with something that is like what other kids are eating and is not home-made looking. I wish they sold individual size packages for school! I did recently contact them to ask if they would consider making a goldfish look-alike. You never know, and it doesn't hurt to contact companies and ask! I might add that I've contacted Pepperidge Farms several times to ask/beg for this but have not received a response so far. Hmmm.

I'm heading down to Eugene this coming week to do our major grocery shopping for the month and will visit Capella again to see what I can find. I'll let you know...

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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