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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Little Corner of the World - Gingerbread Houses (and other unrelated things...)

There's a lot of wonderful things happening here. I've mentioned that I'm so excited about Christmas this year. Having two beautiful boys is such a blessing (even though I'd rather be at least ten years younger!)

My son's school made gingerbread houses with the students, grades 1-6. This got me to thinking about what I would do for Nathan when it will be his turn to work with glutenous graham crackers. This year, his kindergarten teacher is going to have them decorate gingerbread men during their class party. So, while I set out to find a good cookie recipe, I came across Karen Joy's post for a GF gingerbread house. I figured since she won first place, it was a good bet. That also prompted me to make a house with Nathan, myself.

Here's our creation:

Yes, I know there's no chimney. We made all the pieces, but by the time we got this far, I honestly didn't care!! I was going to go to Winco and get some candy out of the bin, but I found myself at Walmart instead. I love their Great Value items because they will clearly label them gluten free, if so. Their packages of candy are also only $1.00. However, you can only use so much candy on the house, so the rest goes into some jars to be eaten at some point in time. So, the gingerbread house is finished and sits on a cabinet in the kitchen testing all the will power my five year old possesses.

I'm also beginning to give some thought to my youngest who turns one in just one month. Can't believe it!! What do you do for a winter baby? What do you do when it is the second one and right after Christmas?? Anyway, his little shoes were worn to pieces and I recently bought him some new ones. Don't you love babies? It's the only time in one's life that chunky legs and a peepee bottom doesn't matter:)

Finally, I'm giving a lot of thought to what things need to take priority in my life. The next school year is getting closer and closer. That means I need to find new and creative ways to organize tasks, if I plan to return to teaching fulltime. As the saying goes, "I want to work smarter, not harder." I'm wondering lately what to do with this blog, if anything. I love sharing a recipe when something comes out great. I've learned so much from others! It can become a beast at times though, begging to be fed ocasionally. Sometimes that's a task I just don't need and shouldn't be devoting my time to.

So...I'm thinking about whether to change the focus of the blog to more dialogue about what's new in my corner of the world for friends and family to benefit more from and possibly less in the recipe department (although I haven't posted nearly what I want to!). Well, that's enough of thinking out loud.

Have a great week!



The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

Wow! Wow! This is just so beautiful!
Maybe you could let us know what you learn about working smarter. I need this too.

Kate said...

I love your Gingerbread House. :) Chimney or not - I honestly don't think you need one.

And your blog focus? Why - it's YOU, of course! People read your blog to read about life in your corner of the world - which includes life, family, work, recipes, ups/downs.....that's the beauty of blogging. :)

Debbie said...

Thanks friends for commenting!

Well, I know that working smarter probably requires getting more sleep at night than I do lately so that I can think clearly!!
When my little one starts sleeping through the night finally, I might make some progress in this area:)

Thanks Kate for the encouragement that I just need to do what I can do and let it be. After all, this project started out as a creative outlet on my part to ENJOY and I need to keep focusing on that!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, your gingerbread house is adorable! You are amazing! And all your cooking and baking. You need a supermom cape! -Janna

Debbie said...

You are always "flourishing" and giving out and blessing others. May God give you the desires of your heart:)