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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I buy a lot of eggs. I'm sure you do also if you bake gluten free. I remember the first time I began cooking GF and how strange the recipes seemed. Not only were there at least eight ingredients, but rarely did I only need two eggs. Now, three to four eggs per bread and other baked goods is the norm. Even when a recipe calls for two eggs I frequently add a couple more whites whipped to give it lift and some more protein. I don't really know what it's like to buy a dozen eggs at a time. Those days are long gone.

My husband and I are researching chickens. We would like to have some next year and since we have some pasture land to let them "range", why not? We are getting our "chicken questions" answered such as: How many eggs will a chicken produce each day? Do we need a rooster? And - What kind of chickens are better than others?

My husband is going to build a "Chicken Tractor". Actually it is a wired pen and hen house in one that you can move from spot to spot with a tractor (or pull it if you're strong enough). This lets the chickens free range which produces better eggs and the chickens are happier and more stress free. It is also fully enclosed to keep out predators.

We have a couple of goats (not to change the subject) and they are allowed a large area to roam and graze. My friend has a couple of goats that she has to stake out. The difference in our goats is quite amazing. Ours are probably twice the size and very healthy. It only makes sense that animals do better when not penned in. No, I'm not a PETA zealot, just making an observation.

Anyway, will post some pics one day if we get our chickens. It will be nice to know our eggs are really fresh.



Michelle J said...

We live in the city and have just four hens, but they keep us in eggs pretty well. Even in the middle of winter, we still get at least a dozen eggs per week. When they're at peak production, we get around 2 dozen per week. ;)

I would totally recommend trying chicken keeping. The quality of the eggs is incomperable to store bought - SO much better!

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle! I'm wondering just how many eggs I'll be getting, but we do use about 12 dozen a month with all the baking from scratch (and the fact it's usually double the eggs because of needing egg whites to whip in a lot of times). With eggs for breakfast and in-laws on the property we just might use them up. If not, there's always an "Eggs For Sale" sign that can go up at the end of the property!